How To Make Cute Dollhouse Furniture - The Beginner's Guide

How To Make Cute Dollhouse Furniture - The Beginner's Guide

Posted by Dollhouse City on Jul 5th 2023

How To Make Cute Homemade Dollhouse Furniture? The Beginner's Guide

Dollhouse enthusiasts, if you want to take your dollhouse to a new level, this guide is for you!

DIY dollhouse furniture can significantly enhance the appearance of your dollhouse and make it seem much more realistic. Let’s face it—the dollhouse looks empty and dull without furniture. Furniture (such as beds, armoires, bathtubs, etc.) is part and parcel of a dollhouse, especially if you want to enjoy the most realistic experience.

Unfortunately, some people avoid making homemade dollhouse furniture due to the many complicated details of the whole process. But it’s not that hard, we promise!

We spent a lot of time thinking about the easiest way to fill your dollhouse with homemade furniture, and we’re all about sharing our knowledge with you in this guide. So, if you want to build your dollhouse furniture and save yourself some money, keep reading!

Why It’s a Good Idea to Make Homemade Dollhouse Furniture

There are two ways to add cute furniture to your dollhouse. The first method is ordering furniture from any website specialized in dollhouse furniture. We recommend that you get the furniture from trusted websites that offer dollhouse furniture at reasonable prices, such This way, you ensure you get the best quality furniture that adds a professional touch to your dollhouse.

The second method is to do it yourself! A DIY method is excellent if you want to make almost any piece you want without having to break the bank. It’s also a great way to customize the pieces you make to your liking.

We recommend you encourage your kid to help you make the dollhouse furniture, which will double the fun and give your little one an unforgettable experience.

DIY Dollhouse Furniture

Just like real houses, dollhouses require some furniture! Here’s how you can make your miniature dollhouse furniture—from dollhouse beds to a dollhouse bathtub and everything in between!

  1. Dollhouse Bed

Dolls need sleep, too! You can make your dollhouse bed using wooden craft rectangles, popsicle sticks, sponges, cotton balls, and hot glue.

The sponge is going to serve as the mattress. Start gluing popsicle sticks for the two edges of the bed. Then hot glue craft wooden rectangles for the other two edges. Finally, place two cotton balls on the bed to make pillows.

Do your dolls live in a cold place? No more shivering! You can easily warm the bedding using this useful Bed Warmer.

  1. Dollhouse Armoire

An armoire is one of the most basic components of a dollhouse, so you want to ensure that you have a stylish one for your dolls. It’s super simple to make; you only need wooden craft beads, rectangles, popsicle sticks, paper clips, and craft paint.

Use the popsicle sticks to build the vertical sides of the armoire and the wooden rectangles to build the horizontal sides. You’ll need to use hot glue in this step to glue the popsicle sticks to the wooden rectangles. Now, hot glue four beads for the bottom of the armoire.

Bend the paper clips to shape to make the hanger. We recommend using needle-nosed wire pliers to help you in this step. Finally, finish everything off by painting the armoire using craft paint.

If you want to, there are many different armoires with different shapes and colors that you can get online, including this cute White & Pink ArmoireandWooden Armoire.

  1. Dollhouse Couch and Coffee Table

Did you know that making a cute coffee table using an empty yogurt container and a couch and chairs using an egg carton is possible? You'll need an egg carton made of cardboard, a yogurt container, a paintbrush, paint, hot glue, and wooden beads. This is a great, budget-friendly way to add more furniture to your dollhouse.

Cut the egg carton into small pieces to form the couch and chairs. Start by cutting two squares from the side corner pieces after cutting a strip from a single end.

Now, use four craft beads and hot glue to make the legs of the couch or chairs. Finally, paint the couch and chairs. To make tables, trim the yogurt container to height and spray it with paint. You can select any color you like (or your kid likes!).

Even though making your dollhouse couch, chairs, and coffee table is fairly easy; you can take things to the next level and get these adorable Fainting Couch, Chair, and Coffee Table!

  1. Dollhouse Bathtub

You don’t need much to construct a bathtub, just an old spray cleaner, hot glue, spray paint, and scissors. Start by cutting the bottom of your spray cleaner first. Due to the plastic's thickness, you might find it difficult to do this at the beginning—have patience.

After cutting the bottom of the spray cleaner, you’ll notice its edges are rough, so you’ll need to make it less harsh by making a ring around these edges using your hot glue. Spray the bathtub and hot glue four beads for the bottom of the bathtub. And voilà!

Super easy, right? A bathtub is one of the most fun components of the toilet in a dollhouse; you can easily make yours using this method or get this fancyWhite Bathtub!

  1. Dollhouse Fireplace

You can’t leave the dolls shivering on cold days, can you? Making a homemade fireplace can turn your cold dollhouse into a warm and cozy one. All you need is a container that has a compact shape to the fireplace, hot glue, and mini pebbles.

If you can’t find a container that looks like this, you can get an old container and start cutting the hole for the fire. Now simply hot glue all of your tiny pebbles over your fireplace, and you’re all set.

Of course, you can decorate your fireplace with all cool accessories, such as Fireplace Logsand a Fireplace Mirror.

  1. Dollhouse Dishes

The kitchen of your dollhouse should also include dishes because you know dolls get hungry just like humans. To make your tiny dishes, you’ll need empty blister packs that you can find in your medicine cabinet. The pack should be cut out to form the shapes of the dishes. You want to leave some extra material around each dish, which will serve as handles.

Put a paintbrush's or another object's end into your blister pack to restore its former, clean shape. Trim the outside edge and start shaping the handles with scissors. Now, paint the mini dishes any color you want, let them dry, and that’s it!

There are other shapes of dishes that you can create. Use your imagination! But if you have difficulties making your mini dishes, you can order various dollhouse dishes Here.

Final Thoughts

We convinced you that making dollhouse furniture is a breeze! You must get the tools to make the furniture, ask your kid for help, and follow the easy steps. Making homemade dollhouse furniture has never been easier!