How to Make Miniature Dollhouse Accessories - Top 5 Dollhouse Accessories Ideas You Can Easily DIY!

How to Make Miniature Dollhouse Accessories - Top 5 Dollhouse Accessories Ideas You Can Easily DIY!

Posted by Dollhouse City on Jul 5th 2023

If the furniture is an essential component in your dollhouse, accessories are the cherry on top. However, if making dollhouse furniture is hard, making miniature dollhouse accessories can be even harder. This is because accessories are usually smaller and can sometimes have more details.

The good news is that we can help you make five aesthetically-pleasing dollhouse accessories—all you need to do is to follow the steps to a tee. Even if you make some small mistakes, having imperfect accessories to decorate your dollhouse is better than having nothing!

So, if you’re a dollhouse fanatic dreaming about having a pretty dollhouse full of stunning mini accessories, keep reading!

  1. Dollhouse Artwork

Due to their small size and many details, miniature paintings and artworks might seem difficult to make. But many people still want to decorate their dollhouses using these masterpieces. Even if you lack talent, you may still make simple artwork and miniature paintings on your own.

Inspiration can be found everywhere—When you’re familiar with the overall aesthetic you want to achieve, use the internet to your advantage. You want to have an idea first about the appearance of the artwork you want to add to your dollhouse.

Dollhouse enthusiasts don’t need to be extremely big for dollhouse enthusiasts. Today's craft stores sell beads, laser wood cutouts, and pendants that make wonderful mini artwork. Photoshop, PicMonkey, and Canva are great for size digital images. Remember that any image is not yours, and you're not allowed to sell it.

Due to their small size, many miniature artworks are on a sheet of paper. If you want a canvas-like effect, print on textured linen paper instead of regular printing paper. Finally, cut and mount your artworks once they have dried. Regardless of the final product size, you must use a resolution of 300 dpi.

There are various sizes of miniature canvas frames available. Once you get your frames, use Mod Podge for gluing and sealing. In addition to gluing artworks, Mod Podge also leaves your artworks with a lovely gloss that keeps them safe.

Hanging is the final step that we all wait for. But if you like to keep boredom at bay and rotate your artwork from time to time, we recommend that you use double-sided tape instead. Use Gorilla Glue to glue your artwork directly to the dollhouse’s wall if you never intend to remove it.

  1. Dollhouse Lighting

Getting some lighting for your dollhouse is not always affordable, but this should not prevent you from illuminating your kiddo’s dollhouse and filling it with life. We believe that this is one of the easiest, most straightforward methods to make your homemade lighting.

You will need small suction cups (18mm/0.7″), metal tubing, LED earrings, adhesive putty, a paintbrush, black paint, hot glue, and scissors.

First things first, the suction cup's top end should be removed. The earring should fit in so it can turn on and off the light. Use your black paint and brush to paint the LED earring stud and the metal around it. To hang the light, use the small metal tubing. A twine, metal wire, small chain, or bamboo stick will also do.

Before you glue the tube to the earring, use a bead for the ceiling mount and put it through the tube. It’s also possible to use hot glue to attach the ceiling mount to the top of the tube.

Use your black paint on the tube and ceiling mount and wait for the paint to dry. The next step is to use sticky adhesive putty or glue to attach the miniature pendant where you desire. Press the earring in and out of its backing to switch the light on and off. That’s it!

Also, Dollhouse City offers some of the fanciest lightings for your dollhouse, including this mesmerizing Renaissance 6 Up-Arm Chandelier!

  1. Dollhouse Cotton Stems

You can make some cute cotton stems without spending money and add a traditional touch to your dollhouse. All you need are four tools you probably have on hand: cotton balls, a sharp blade, twigs, brown clay, and glue.

Start by pulling off cotton and roll until you form a ball that has a diameter of roughly ½-cm. Keep rolling more little cotton balls the same way. Next, press each little ball onto each twig. To ensure that everything is firmly attached and does not come off, hold the cotton balls to the twigs for a short period. Your miniature cotton balls should now have a tiny dab of glue on the bottom.

As for husks, roll out clay and randomly cut out tiny triangles. Put these triangles on parchment paper or tile and bake them. For each cotton ball, three triangles are required.

Dollhouse City offers a wide variety of beautiful flowers to help you bring color to your dollhouse, including Flower in Vase, Flowers in Pot,and Flowers in Basket.

  1. Dollhouse Candles

Who doesn’t like candles in their home? They never fail to give us the warmth and comfort we look for in our houses. They’re also one of the most stylish pieces you can add to your dollhouse to bring it to life. To make your mini dollhouse candles, you’ll need earring backs, small cylinder tubing, straight pins, glue, paint, a paintbrush, and wire cutters.

Flickr Image by Pleuntje

Start by inserting your straight pin through one of the earrings. Since you want the earring to sit flat on the surface, you should fully insert the pin. Put one more earring back over the original one for short candlesticks; you want the round disc to be on top by putting the pin through the cone side.

Don’t worry if the pin sticks out of the top; you’ll need this place for your candle to sit. Now, use glue to hold everything together.

Put the second earring back on top after cutting a portion of the tubing to fit through the pin; this is how you make the taller candlesticks. Use glue to hold everything together and wait until it dries. Your wax candles can be pierced through the pin once the glue dries. Your candles can also be glued in place. Now for the fun part, paint your candlesticks any color you like; you can also ask your kid for help if you want to double the fun!

We highly recommend that you get mini candles from Dollhouse City if you find it difficult to make your own. This Cherrywood Candle Box with Candles is a great, affordable option!

Bonus DIY: Dollhouse Halloween Pumpkin Pails

Halloween is getting closer, and everyone will decorate their houses with classic pumpkin pails. These dollhouses' pumpkin pails will make your Halloween as a miniaturist much more fun! As dollhouse fanatics, we like to copy everything that exists in big houses and paste it into our mini dollhouses.

For your mini pumpkin pails, you’ll need one set of pumpkin lights, a hot glue gun, black felt, a lighter, and a xacto blade. Start by removing your pumpkin from the string of lights. To open the pails, you’ll need to remove the top part.

Use the lighter to heat the blade, and carefully cut around the top of your plastic pumpkins using the hot blade. You can lightly heat the opening if it has sharp edges. When the sharp edge has gotten softer, smooth it out by pressing your knife against it. You also want to avoid overheating these pumpkins or inhaling the toxic fumes during the process.

It’s now time to make your handles. Hot glue the black felt strips to the pumpkins after cutting them to size, and you’re all set. Happy Halloween!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the little secrets of making mini dollhouse accessories, nothing can stop you from starting to make your accessories now and have the dollhouse of your dreams!

Again, don’t be disappointed if you don’t get perfect results initially. That’s the cool part about DIYs; you don’t have to reach perfection to be happy about the final product—you make the accessories yourself and use them to decorate your dollhouse, or your kiddos are more than enough to make you proud and satisfied.